Friday, June 6, 2008

Food Storage Tip of the Week

Food Storage Friday

Wondering how much food storage you need?
One Month Basic Food Supply for one Adult
Item # 10 Can Shelf Life

Wheat 3 30+years
White Flour 1 10+ years
White Rice 2 30 years
Quick Oats 1 30 years
Macaroni 1 30 years
Pinto Beans 1 30 years
White Sugar 1 30 years
Powdered Milk 1 20 years
Shortening 1 8-10 years
Salt Shakers 4-4oz 20+ years
Visit for more info on Food Storage

Happy Friday - early friends! In an effort to help everyone with thier food storage, I thought it might be helpful if you had an idea of how much to get. Also check out the food calculator @ I highlight what we are working on for the month & then check it off when we've completed it.

(Keep in mind you can purchase beans, rice, wheat & quick oats online - They will be shipped directly to your home for about 4.00 a case more than if you can them yourself @ the cannery. It's SOOOOOO easy. Personally I order what I can online & save the cannery for the other stuff)

*This week's item is Rice. Now that the "famine" is over, it's a lot easier & cheaper to purchase.
Good luck, Keep working & know you will be blessed for following the councel of the Bretheren.

Here is a link for Food Storage Recipes also

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