Monday, October 26, 2009

Starting Up Again!

It sure has been a while since anyone has sent anything in to be posted on this blog..... a LONG while! Well I have been thinking about it and decided it's time to get it up and going again. I found a great site through a friend that always has great tips and ideas and recipes for food storage!!

Check it out! We have been building our food storage a lot this year. One thing we have been doing that is kind of like a "duh" is if there is a deal on something like ranch dressing, instead of getting one, we buy two. If it's a really good deal we'll get four or five and before you know it, you have a fantastic food storage!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Food Storage Item of the Week

Get extra C and calcium with Vitamin D. Nobody commented on the storage item for the week. I'll put one on for this week and if there's no response I'll quit doing it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

How Prepared Are You?

I came arcross a new website, www.shelfreliance.comCheck it out! They have some great ideas for food rotation, a food calculator, emergency kits you can customize. Take a look at all the items they have available. It gives some really great ideas of things you may want to add to your own emergency kits, First Aid kits or food storage. is cheaper for basics, like wheat, rice, beans & quick oats & of course going to your local cannery is about 1/2 the cost of shelf reliance because you do the work yourself. For those of you who may not have a cannery or the time readily available ordering off the interne may be a great option.So now the question, How prepared are you???For the first Family Home Evening of each month we work on food storage. Tonight we are going to go over what we have, organize it & print off a list from food calculator to see where we are at.I was in a meeting Sunday where we were STRONGLY earged to get our selves prepared. We are planning a head for Christmas gifts of food storage for some of our family members. Probably not the most exciting gift to unwrap, but I wouldn't trade excitement for the peace of mind being prepared brings.Check out Shelf Reliance to get some new ideas.

Heather Miller

New Food Storage Site!

A big thanks to my friend Natalie who sent me the link to this site. I thought I'd share it since we all are working on our food storage & all about save a little $$$.www.sistersavings.netThanks Natalie!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Food Storage Tip of the Week!

Food Storage Friday

I came across this fabulous site. I found the tips & Ideas very useful.
For us, knowing we are working on our food storage is a source of peace & relief.
Remember there are no wrong ways to do your food storage. Do what works for you & your family.
Good Luck & keep working on it.

Heather Miller

Friday, June 6, 2008

Food Storage Tip of the Week

Food Storage Friday

Wondering how much food storage you need?
One Month Basic Food Supply for one Adult
Item # 10 Can Shelf Life

Wheat 3 30+years
White Flour 1 10+ years
White Rice 2 30 years
Quick Oats 1 30 years
Macaroni 1 30 years
Pinto Beans 1 30 years
White Sugar 1 30 years
Powdered Milk 1 20 years
Shortening 1 8-10 years
Salt Shakers 4-4oz 20+ years
Visit for more info on Food Storage

Happy Friday - early friends! In an effort to help everyone with thier food storage, I thought it might be helpful if you had an idea of how much to get. Also check out the food calculator @ I highlight what we are working on for the month & then check it off when we've completed it.

(Keep in mind you can purchase beans, rice, wheat & quick oats online - They will be shipped directly to your home for about 4.00 a case more than if you can them yourself @ the cannery. It's SOOOOOO easy. Personally I order what I can online & save the cannery for the other stuff)

*This week's item is Rice. Now that the "famine" is over, it's a lot easier & cheaper to purchase.
Good luck, Keep working & know you will be blessed for following the councel of the Bretheren.

Here is a link for Food Storage Recipes also

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Food Storage Tip

101 ways to stretch your $$$

Hi friends & Family. I found a new website
I liked the 101 ways to stretch your $.
Planning out a weeks worth of meals. You'll spend less time @ the Grocery store, not have things go bad & have to be tossed out & save $$.
I started this today & I'll let you know how it goes.
There are also some ideas on Financing your food storage.
I was talking with my Uncle the other night & he mentioned how people are so less self sufficient than 30 years ago. We really are. Everything we want, we just buy. I decided to start cooking more, & learn to make one new thing a week.
This week, I decided to make bread! I hope it turns out well!

Heather Miller