Saturday, May 10, 2008

Food Storage Friday

Hi Friends & Family!

I've decided to post a weekly food storage tip. I hope they are helpful & useful to you.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints has a wonderful website. With many useful things relating to food storage, personal finance & Humanitarian aide.

This weeks Tip, GET STARTED! It's easy to get overwhelmed as many of you may be feeling. Take a deep breath & lets begin. Plan out what you would be able to store for a one week supply of food for you & your family. 7 Breakfasts, lunches & dinners. For those of you who are able to shop @ places like Costco & Sams Club you can purchase a large can of quaker instant oatmeal for very inexpensive. A case of ramen noodles for lunches & a case of soup. You'll have more than you weeks supply for about $20.00. This week Albertson's has some really great 10 for 10 sales going on & with your prefered card you save and extra .25 on each item. you can Check out their weekly ad @

We have started adding extra water whenever possible. Bottled water by the case @ Costco is relatively inexpensive. ( under $5.00) Also, we save milk jugs, & juice bottles to store water in.
Hope the tips & Ideas are useful.

One final reminder, I've said it before & I know I'll continue saying it. "The faithful need not fear." Do your best, make a conscience effort to start & continue your food storage & take comfort that when we do all we can do, the Lord picks up where we fall short.
Check back next week for more ideas.

Heather Miller (Nickell's friend)

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